Steve Murchie spent more than twenty-five years in the software industry, starting as a programmer/analyst and progressing through a variety of roles in sales, marketing and general management. The companies he has worked with span the spectrum of the industry, including startups, turnarounds, a VC-backed roll-up and an eight-year stint at Microsoft, where he helped grow the SQL Server business from $300M to over $1B in under five years. In 2004, he left Microsoft to return to the start-up world as CEO of a fledgling company, and got his first taste of the angel investing process. While that initial exposure didn’t earn any financing for his business, he did gain a lot of insight from the process, which was inevitably even more valuable. Steve subsequently joined the Keiretsu Forum in Seattle as an investor member, contributing time to deal screenings, participating in due diligence, making a few investments, and thoroughly enjoying the group. When Steve and his wife decided to relocate back to Colorado after nine years away, they explored the possibility of bringing a chapter of the group to Denver, resulting in a very successful chapter launched in March 2007.  Sadly, the economic decline of 2008-09 stalled investor participation, and the chapter was shuttered in December 2009.  During those short three years, though, he and the group reviewed several hundred business plans, heard more than 150 pitches, and invested nearly $6M in twenty deals.

Steve holds an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.  Beyond that, the observations herein are based on readings and research on the industry, interactions with hundreds of angel investors from many walks of life, and helping several hundred entrepreneurs through the process of finding early-stage funding.

Note: This blog is purpose-built, so don’t expect a lot of commentary on my daily diet, movie reviews, or political opinions.  If you want a flavor of that, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and most other social networks as smurchie.  And yes, I will be your “friend”, but don’t read too much into it.


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