We interrupt this programme for a massage from the Swedish Prime Minister

July 26, 2010

Or thereabouts. For those of you who have been following this blog, you may wonder why I’ve gone quiet. Well, an interesting opportunity arose and my wife and I moved to Europe for six months or so. Slovakia to be precise. While we’re abroad, I’m a bit removed from the startup game, though I’ve got a few things cooking in the background. If you’d like a taste of the other side of my life, feel free to visit my travel-blog: “Lost in Transylvania“.


Me and my meme

March 1, 2010

Have been bad about posting lately as life got typically randomized. Ever since my first days managing software development projects, I’ve used a favorite phrase for organizing complex processes: herding cats. I used it a lot while running an angel group – no offense to any of the felines involved. I ran across this old EDS commercial by Bob Wendt recently, and thought it was perfect.

Back soon with more relevant content.